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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Call for Poets


THIS forthcoming historical anthology from Four Feathers Press is designed to be a comprehensive compendium of the numerous quality poets making Southern California their home.

YOU can be represented in these pages that will be sectioned by poetry groups and publishing presses.

DEADLINE to submit one JPG photo, one paragraph bio with contact information, and one representative poem under 30 lines in length (including stanza breaks) to is MARCH 15TH, 2022.

YOU can help make this directory possible by donating $10 or $20 to its production. In return you will receive a physical copy of this perfect bound book at the publication reading for every $10 donated by FEBRUARY 15TH, 2022. (If you cannot attend, an additional $10 will be needed for packaging and postage.) After FEBRUARY 15TH, 2022, donations are $20 per book.

HOW to donate? Send $10 or $20 to the editor Don Kingfisher Campbell on Facebook Pay, or by Zelle to his email address (, or by snail mailing a check to Don Campbell, 1313 Edgewood Dr, Alhambra, CA 91803-1909 by MARCH 15TH, 2022.

YOU are invited to pick up your copies in person if you donated by attending, and optionally, reading at the publication reading (as part of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival) on APRIL 16TH, 2022 between 3 and 5pm in an outdoor location to be named ASAP.

IF you are leader of a So Cal poetry group or press, please send in a JPG photo, a paragraph or two about the group/press, and (optionally) a list of up to a dozen members in your group. Your members will get a 50% DISCOUNT to donate.



Saturday, January 1, 2022

Poetry Calendar!


Only $5 for a PDF copy of my 2022 Kingfisher Poetry Calendar featuring 14 original 2021 photos and poems, and, of course, 12 monthly calendars. Use Facebook Messenger Pay or Zelle to reserve yours. (For Zelle, payable to my email address: Please add $5 for printing, packaging and postage if you would like a physical copy.

Now Available!

A collection of 125 poems from 1981-2004, many used in my California Poets In The Schools workshops in classrooms. Yours in PDF form for a s...