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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Feeling lucky?

An opportunity for poets to win money simply by creating poesy. Four Feathers Press announces another call for poems for a new anthology: THE POETRY LOTTERY 6. Submit a poem of 300 lines or less (including stanza breaks) to by 11:59pm PST, September 23rd. The cost of entering is $10, which will entitle you to one PDF and one physical copy of the chapbook. 100% of the money collected will go to one lucky poet, in a drawing to be held at the publication reading on Saturday, September 24th, 3 to 5 pm in the patio behind Rosebud Coffee on 2302 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. You do not have to be present, the reading will also be on Saturday Afternoon Poetry's Zoom. Get six months membership in the Four Feathers Press Book Club just for entering! (A $10 value.) Use Meta Pay (to Don Kingfisher Campbell), Venmo (@Don-Campbell-82), or Zelle (my email address) to enter...or, if you prefer, snail mail a check to: Don Campbell, 1313 Edgewood Dr, Alhambra, CA 91803-1909.

BTW: The winner of The Poetry Lottery #5 was Patrick Walters! Here is his poem...

Color Theory

when skin is orange

and heart is black

hiding in the shades

of ol’ glory

last i knews

them reds 


and blues

make a muted 

kind of purple

that pleases

the eye

of many

crayon artists 

who prefer

a wide variety 

and the specialties

that are offered

never once

in a life entire

did crayola 

name a color


Friday, August 26, 2022


These poets have been published in Tastes of Southern California: Poetry of Food and will be reading their poetry this Saturday, August 27th between 3 and 5pm PDT in Saturday Afternoon Poetry's Zoom meeting (, meeting ID 75993673202, passcode: poetry):

01) Petrouchka Alexieva

02) Jackie Chou

03) Jim Babwe

04) Lawrence Berger

05) Joseph Nicks

06) Shih-Fang Wang

07) Lynne Bronstein

08) Gwendolyn Fleischer

09) Carl Stilwell AKA CaLokie

10) Robert Fleming

11) Ann Privateer

12) Tim Tipton

13) Mary Langer Thompson

14) Lori Wall-Holloway

15) Charles Harmon

16) Patrick Walters

17) Mary Mayer Shapiro

18) Jeffry Michael Jensen

19) Michelle Smith

20) Don Kingfisher Campbell

Get your copy either in PDF for $5 or in perfect bound printed form for $15 (includes shipping). Please send payment either by Meta Pay (to Don Kingfisher Campbell), Venmo (to Don-Campbell-82), or Zelle (to You can also snail mail a check to Don Campbell, 1313 Edgewood Dr, Alhambra, CA 9183-1909, if you prefer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Announcing the first two 4 poets in 1 books!!


BOOK ONE will feature a chapbook from each of these four poets contained in one perfect bound book:

Don Kingfisher Campbell "Electrified Man"

Linda Crate "when nature holds my hand"

Bruce McRae "Red Veil"

Alicia Viguer-Espert "The Soul's Many Paths"


Petrouchka Alexieva "A Little Magic Town"

Jeffry Michael Jensen "Before Trembling Takes Over the Night"

Marvinlouis "Atonement Hurts"

Lori Wall-Holloway "Earth's Poetry"

BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO will be published in PDF form in September for the poets to distribute as they please. BOOK ONE will also be published in perfect bound printed form in late October, BOOK TWO in late November. Each book will have $5 PDF / $10 Print cover prices. You can buy a printed copy directly from any of the poets. Each poet will have at least six copies to sell.

New poetic libretto!

This poetic libretto of new poems from mid to late 2023 will be downloadable as a collection on the Poetry Super Highway on December 1st onl...