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Saturday, November 18, 2023

24 poets published on

1) Mark Dixon

2) Dan Garcia-Black

3) Alicia Viguer-Espert

4) Gia Civerolo

5) Karen Pierce Gonzalez

6) Mark A Fisher

7) Lori Wall-Holloway

8) Jeffry Jensen

9) Fred Whitlock

10) Gary Justice

11) PJ Swift

12) Jim Babwe

13) Veronica Jauregui

14) Luis Cuahtemoc Berriozabal

15) Shih-Fang Wang

16) R A Ruadh

17) Robert Fleming

18) Carl Stilwell AKA CaLokie

19) Dean Okamura

20) Matt McGee

21) CLS Sandoval

22) Ellyn Maybe

23) Mary Mayer Shapiro

24) Don Kingfisher Campbell

Poets and artists published in Four Feathers Press Online Edition: Points and Lines are invited to read at the Saturday Afternoon Poetry Zoom meeting on Saturday, November 18th between 3 and 5 pm PST.

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