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Friday, January 5, 2024

Topics for the year 2024...

_____ of/in Southern California series:

JANUARY - Toys (submitted by Lori Holloway)

FEBRUARY - Music (submitted by Bruce Niedt)

MARCH - Myths (submitted by Petrouchka Alexieva)

APRIL - Flowers (submitted by Jackie Chou)

MAY - Motivations (submitted by Lawrence R Berger)

JUNE - Parents (submitted by Cls Sandoval)

JULY - Art (submitted by Ellyn Maybe)

AUGUST - Fires (submitted by Chuka Susan Chesney)

SEPTEMBER - Doors (submitted by Chris Askew)

OCTOBER - Mysteries (submitted by Stephanie Logan)

NOVEMBER - Families (submitted by Alicia Viguer-Espert)

DECEMBER - Journeys (submitted by Annette Sugden)

Four Feathers Press online edition:

JANUARY - Body Parts (submitted by Dan Garcia-Black)

FEBRUARY - City Living (submitted by Lynne Bronstein)

MARCH - Pie Sighs (submitted by Chuka Susan Chesney)

APRIL - Remember When (submitted by Beverly Higginson)

MAY - Historic Landmarks (submitted by Ellyn Maybe)

JUNE - Moon Stone (submitted by Michelle Smith)

JULY - Zodiac Energy (submitted by Petrouchka Alexieva)

AUGUST - School Shoes (submitted by Marianne Szlyk)

SEPTEMBER - Bitter Sweet (submitted by Stephanie Logan)

OCTOBER - Still Night (submitted by Mani Suri)

NOVEMBER - Dia de los Muertos (Submitted by Carl Stilwell)

DECEMBER - Shooting Stars (submitted by Rosie Hamilton)

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